11 comments on “With a Bible in her Hand

  1. I believe Larry’s approach is the right one. Audrey, I am also a believer but I don’t think people should force their beliefs on others. R.N., there is no point in being nasty either. Simply closing the door with a bit of a thank you sounds right to me.

  2. Look at it this way. At least she wasn’t asking for money. Every time I’m in Covington, I get approached for some change. Tiresome.

  3. I think you handled it well. I don’t know if I would have been that nice frankly. I don’t enjoy ANY kind of drop in!

  4. Freedom of religion also includes freedom from it. You handled it well, and I have done, and will do, the same. Religion, or the absence of it, is many times personal, and should be. You are welcome to believe as you wish, or not, and so am I. We should all respect that.

  5. People who knock on doors or who try to force their religion on someone else are insecure people who can’t think for themselves. They will let their Bible do the talking for them and I really do believe many of this people are looking for validation from others. They want you to believe it too. It would really throw them off if you had said that they are selling is a crock of shit. Try that next time.

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