13 comments on “Getting Ready for the Scary Cold

  1. I have also seen my share of bad winters and cold temperatures. This will be nothing new to be also.

  2. It will be warming up later in the week and until it does I will be staying inside. I have plenty of movies to watch that will keep me entertained but I am already ready for spring to get here!

  3. Larry, you are wise to stay in and I’m wise too. I’ll be looking at the weather from my window 🙂

  4. This weather justifies my two latest cold weather purchases: $150 insulated boots and $15 for a pair of insulated ski pants at a local consignment shop. I have an old down jacket, too, but nothing like the one in the clip. I resemble an oversized toddler in a snowsuit. I And I’m hoping for a “timeout.” On the beach. Soon.

  5. I tell myself that I’m glad I’m living in a part of the country where there is a changing of the seasons but I tell ya, a beach sounds pretty good to me too right now!

  6. I have some good books and great music, along with watching some Bengals and basketball the next few days. This snap won’t be as bad as the record-breaking -27 back in the 1970s, but it will get our attention. I plan to notice it from indoors and hope the furnace keeps hummin’.

  7. Hell, I might have run into at the Covington Library yesterday. I never saw it that busy. People were getting CDs and movies and such to watch during the next few days while you and I were getting books. Old school we are.

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