16 comments on “Scary Cold and Rambling Thoughts about It

  1. I hope that old boss of yours never has a car to break down in the winter. What is he going to do without a coat if he gets stuck?

  2. I have lived long enough to see much colder mornings than this and according to the weather people, the worse of it is over. We survived!

  3. Later on in the week it is going to be near 50. Is this nutty weather or global warming? I know, both.

  4. Will try to find that book. I need a diversion from constant cold weather cooking: roasting, stewing, soup-ing, and fixing hot chocolate.

  5. In an effort to be more positive in 2014, I want to say that we are “putting up” with a lot of sunshine today instead of what we see in that gif you have posted here. There. Positive.

  6. Thanks, Jack Rabbit. I enjoyed the tribute to the current temperature, and even though the 3 Dog Night boys look a lot different, they still sound pretty damned good, especially the lead singer.

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