10 comments on ““Louie” Will be Back in May

  1. I have not watched his show but have seen some clips of his standup act. I think he would be funnier with less profanity. Just my opinion.

  2. I was beginning to wonder if Louie was EVER coming back, thought maybe he had decided to stop. Glad to know that isn’t the case!

  3. I am in agreement with Thersea on this one. Profanity does not make a comic funnier. I don’t know who this person is and I think I am probably better off.

  4. Louie’s got a nice edge. You never know what he’s going to do or say, but chances are good most of it will be interesting and funny. And his two adorable daughters are good little actors, too. I’ve watched his show from the start, and it’s good we’re getting another season.

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