13 comments on “Third Washer from the Right

  1. I’m going to guess that your neighbor has been burned by some of those washing machines in the laundry room and has found one he can count on, one that always works. Keep in mind I’m only guessing here!

  2. Perhaps I’m a bit odd myself. There are four washers in my building and there is one I usually go to first, but if it is being used, I’ll go to another one. Once I have forced myself to do laundry I’m not going to come back for my favorite machine. In that way I’m normal.

  3. As a former trailer trash resident, I tried to use specific washers and dryers at my weekly laundromat visits. I’d stick with “his” choice. Apparently he is In The Know. Next time, ask him which dryers work well. Although I guess he might not appreciate that. Let the Maytag Man saga begin.

  4. I think in some ways, we are all creatures of habit. That’s what your neighbor is.

  5. Will
    You want disposable clothes? Shop at Wal Mart. One rinsing in the washing machine and they’re done.

  6. Brian, you are always putting down Covington. What part of town do you live in? Let’s say, Oakley. Oakley has at least one “nut” living there. You.

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