8 comments on “Love Advice from Celebrities

  1. I also don’t know any celebrity so no advice will be offered to me. Don’t think I am missing any of their wisdom.

  2. I used to read Ann Landers all the time. Was she a celebrity? She was to me and a pretty smart one.

  3. Average folks who marry eventually split up about half the time, maybe even a bit more. Celebrities’ track record for marital success is much worse, so why waste time listening to or /reading their “advice”?
    They should listen to the average Joe/Jennifer rather than vice-versa, but even that advice is batting only about .500. As the old song goes, “Love, love is strange, many people think love is just a game…”

  4. Here’s the best marriage advice you will ever receive and I’m no celebrity. STAY SINGLE.

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