10 comments on “Every Day

  1. Ever since I started reading you, you have always made every day things and every day life seem interesting. Thank you for encouraging us to pay attention to the little things!

  2. I want to start reading more in 2014 and make it part of MY every day. I just bought your new book!

  3. So far every day this winter I’m watching the weather report on TV to tell me how many layers of clothes I need to wear when I’m going outside. Today, I think I’m going to put on everything that’s in my closet!

  4. Larry, you’re right about James Thurber. Avid readers shouldn’t miss one of America’s great humorists and short story masters. The Library of America is publishing a Thurber collection, and “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was recently released as a movie. Even his drawings, used to illustrate his stories and poems, are humorous and enjoyable. Although many younger readers have probably missed him, it’s not too late.

  5. My dad loved Thurber and I remember as a kid watching “My World and Welcome to It,” a situation comedy based on Thurber’s stories, with him. Oh how my dad would laugh at that show.

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