19 comments on “Mr. Hop

  1. I remember this show! I think it was on Saturday mornings. I don’t remember my daughter liking it all that much, was just something to watch. It is a scary rabbit!

  2. I saw your post on Facebook about Mr. Hop too. Why would those television producers think this “rabbit” was inviting? It’s scary!

  3. Geeeeeeeez. He gives me the creeps. Were kids allowed to sit on his lap? That would scare the piss out of me.

  4. Really couldn’t be any worse than a man in a bow-tie and straw hat playing an accordion, who’s wife flies.

  5. Hell, I thought Al Schottelkotte was pretty frightening, too.
    A guy I really liked from those days–Bob Shreve.

  6. J. Rabbit (It’s good to see a friendly rabbit on here today),
    Thanks. I believe re-runs of Shreve’s movie shows would get fairly healthy ratings locally.

  7. I think Mr. Hop was on Sunday mornings, around the same type as Skipper Ryle on Channel 12. Mr. Hop didn’t seem scary when I was a child. He was a man dressed up in a Halloween Costume. We had a similar bunny costume for children. My cousins lived down the street. Altogether there were five of us who wore it for at least one round of trick or treat.

    Bob Shreve was my favorite, too. He lived on our side of town, and he was really nice. We’d see him at the Western Hills Plaza doing his shopping, and he stop and talk with us. He had an after school program in the 1960s. I don’t remember if Shreve introduced Hattie the Witch or if Uncle Al did, but in 1963 she was on his show. The other characters like Snarfy Our Dog and the neice weren’t created yet, there was just Hattie. Our street had the highest grossing Polio Carnival in the city in 1963, and we were invited to go on Bob Shreve’s show. I was so excited b/c I was going to get to see how they operated Hattie and ran the cartoons. I got the mumps and had to watch my friends from home. They all said, “Hi,” to me, though and Mr. Shreve wrote me a note I still have in my scrapbook.

  8. I remember watching Mr. Hop as a child. He had a sidekick name Artie Mouse. By the time the show when off the air I had outgrown its target audience but I was sad to hear that it was gone. Saturday mornings are lacking in this type of kids entertainment today. No wonder Kids today are such jerks.

  9. I remember Mr. Hop and Artie Mouse! I wasn’t afraid of them at all. The recordings of the sped-up voice always cracked me up, like a record being played on the wrong speed would always have me in stitches. I was a weird kid. I still am.

  10. I think I remember this show. The mouse, Artie, had big round ears and a very long snout. I remember them singing a version of Cement Mixer Putt-Ti-Putt-Ti. Am I right? If so other than the rabbit costume picture, is there on of Arie?

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