12 comments on “Hoffman Was Capote

  1. I rented this movie back when Blockbuster was still around. Very much enjoyed it. I’m sorry Mr. Hoffman has passed over.

  2. Brian,
    You need to THINK before you click on that “Post Comment” button. You just came across as a fool.

  3. I saw “Capote” for the first time about a week ago on network TV and was so impressed with his performance. The very talented have their personal challenges. Just like the rest of us.

  4. If you haven’t read Capote’s “In Cold Blood” you are missing out on a damn good read.

  5. He appeared in fifty movies, and I’ve seen a dozen or so. Always believable, he was even likable in some darker roles, as the suspected molesting priest in the excellent “Doubt.” From “The Big Lebowski” to “The Savages,” Hoffman always did a solid acting job. Too bad about “The needle and the damage done.” (“Every junkie’s like a setting sun.”)–Neil Young

  6. Just think of all the great work he could still be doing if he had just gotten off the drugs. This is a shame and a pity and a loss for all of us.

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