10 comments on “Back When Jimmy Buffett was Still Jimmy Buffett

  1. I have always enjoyed that Come Monday song of his. I think it is true. The older music is the better music. Not this new stuff out now.

  2. I’ve enjoyed a few of his songs over the years but he was never really my cup of tea. Maybe put up a clip of The Eagles sometime.

  3. My parents still play their Buffett albums and see him at Riverbend every year. You can’t change them and I’m not gonna try.

  4. Went to see him once early on, before all the “parrot head” foolishness. “A Pirate Looks at Forty,’ “Come Monday,” and several other tunes were pretty solid. Then, “Cheeseburgers in Paradise,” “Fins,” and all the other weak efforts moved him onto the pop music sellout track, and a one-time musician/artist became a product. I haven’t paid attention to him since.

  5. Agreed, he’s a sellout. I would love for an interviewer to ask him why sometime. If Buffett would answer honesty, he would say money. I wonder what the lie would be?

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