16 comments on “Judge Judy Opinion

  1. I like Judge Judy but I prefer her older shows. Lately, she has become almost too cranky and in the old days, she wouldn’t allow much laughter in the courtroom. Now she encourages it. It is almost turning into a comedy series!

  2. I’ve heard her say in interviews that she still enjoys doing the show which to me means she still enjoys embarrassing people on national television.

  3. Judge Judy is too nasty. I like the female judge on “The People’s Count” much better. She’s nicer.

  4. I used to like Judge Wapner, many years back. Judge Judy is generally ok, not so much an actor as the “judges” on other court shows. Many of the plaintiffs and defendants are a quart low, but it’s entertainment and sometimes humorous. I especially like Judy’s tough stance against child negligence. Some people would be better off sterilized.

  5. Sometimes she will say, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to have a good memory.” That is so true but sill people stand in front of her with their made up stories which she sees right through. Those are the people she tears apart and you’re right, they DO have it coming to them.She is one of a kind and like you, I hope she stays on television forever.

  6. That’s something she does all the time now, pointing to her watch. No time for the bull shit!

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