9 comments on “Covington is Still Snowy

  1. Your see a lot of snow melt off today with all the sunshine and higher temperatures we are going to have.

  2. Yes, the sidewalks or at least a lot of them are still snow covered but what a beautiful day yesterday with all the sunshine! More of that is expected today!

  3. I’m walking on the street too in Covington and I am hoping no more snow is coming. Covington has no more salt left!

  4. Winter generally doesn’t bother me, but this one has brought back memories of the nightmarish ’77-’78 deep freezes. With today’s sun, I might be able to crack the thick ice on my walk and clear most of my ice-caked drive. Spring training has started and that’s always good, even when the Reds aren’t.

  5. I’m lucky to have a car to get around. But I’m appalled at how Covington has not made any efforts to clear it’s sidewalks. Are budget problems THAT BAD? Maybe covington should stop giving tax breaks to the 1%er’s on the riverfront.

  6. I am also appalled that Covington lets its residents slip and slide on the sidewalks. If we get more snow, and we will, we will probably also start sliding on the roads. Covington is running out of salt and is mixing in sand with it. You know, this is typical Covington not being prepared.

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