17 comments on “Living at The Ascent

  1. Love this building! It gives Downtown Covington more than a little class. I took a tour inside a couple years ago. Outstanding condos. Wish I had the money.

  2. The uniqueness of this building is wasted in Covington. No one is going to pay millions of dollars to live in a dirty city.

  3. The clip says The Ascent is near a busline. I have a feeling if you can afford to live there, you are not going to be all that concerned about a busline!

  4. Sorry, but the building is ugly.

    But HEY! for a million bucks, I guess that the 1% can live in any ugly building that they want to.

  5. Liberal is right–it’s not “the other half” living in the Ascent, it is the 1%, or even fewer, who can afford this. It is interesting architecture and uniquely artistic, but I don’t perceive it as beautiful. It does seem out of place, but maybe the surrounding area will change for the better because of it. But I hope Dick’s Liquor stays right where it is.

  6. In my view, you have a BETTER view, Larry. I would rather look out at St. Mary’s Cathedral than see a dirty Ohio River.

  7. I’m thinking the area, sooner or later, will change for the better because of The Ascent. I agree with Tuck that it is interesting architecture, so I’m drawn to it. Another building that I consider interesting architecture if not great is St. Mary’s Cathedral. You’re lucky to have that view from your apartment and I’m guessing you didn’t have to pay millions of dollars to get it.

  8. Some of these things go for over 4 million? One would have to be crazy to spend that kind of money especially in Covington!

  9. Not surprised this building is being knocked here. It is unique, unlike most of Covington. I’m going to give it an A+ for that.

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