9 comments on “When Was the Last Time You Whittled?

  1. My alcoholic uncle whittled, and his large knife collection fascinated me. On my sixth birthday, he dropped by our house with a gift–a bag of a dozen or so knives, all different colors, sizes and types, including a couple of switchblades. I had them for only a few moments before my mom seized them, and I never saw them again. I also never saw my uncle in my home either, after my dad barred him.

  2. Well, Tuck, your dad was right to bar your uncle from the house. How dangerous to give a little kid a bunch of knives!

  3. Peaches,
    Of course my dad was right and a lot smarter than his brother. But at the time, I was disappointed because I loved those colorful knives. Everyone I tell this story to gets a laugh and a kick out of it. My uncle’s intentions were always good, but his judgment, colored by his alcohol problems, was many times not.

  4. Tuck,
    To tell the truth I was a little surprised Larry’s grandfather would let him handle a knife at such a young age, but then again, he was right there with him and it was not a whole box of them!

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