15 comments on “The Old/New Woody Allen Mess

  1. From what I know about it, it was never proven and as far as I’m concerned — innocent until proven guilty. By the way, you are right. Blue Jasmine was terrific.

  2. Let’s see. He had an affair with and then married his longtime girlfriend’s adopted daughter. Yeah sounds about right to me to call him a total creep.

  3. We are in agreement on this one as I don’t get hung up on the personal life of whoever I’m watching in a movie or who is responsible for it. If I did, I don’t think I would EVER go to a movie!

  4. I just watched this video from 1992 and now I don’t know. Maybe Woody Allen is innocent.

  5. Family thing or no family thing. I haven’t watched a Woody Allen movie in years. Crimes and Misdemeanors was the last good movie he made. (IMHO.)

  6. liberainlovinit,
    If you haven’t seen a Woody Allen movie in years, how do you know he’s not making more good ones? Check out Blue Jasmine. He may be surprised.

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