11 comments on “From Left to Right

  1. I love how you take stuff no one would really think of and turn them into wonderful little stories.

  2. I agree with Audrey. I think writers think differently than other people and to those of us who can’t do it, we get the benefit of the words!

  3. My family and I have stayed at the Royal Anchor Resort a couple times. Old Orchard Bench is a great place to take the kids in the spring and summer and the motel is right on the beach as you know. Reasonably priced too.

  4. You couldn’t pay me enough to stay in a motel these days. I don’t want bed bugs.

  5. Jack Rabbit — I’ve never had an issue with bedbugs at the Royal Anchor Resort. We’re talking New England here, NOT Cincinnati.

  6. Tim, last time I checked New York is located in New England and that place is loaded with bed bugs.

  7. If you stay in a quality place that changes its bedsheets daily, chances are you won’t be taking home bedbugs.

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