12 comments on “A Baby Boomer Thinking About His Kids and the Younger Generation

  1. I’m older myself but texting is cool with me. I would rather not talk to most people I know.

  2. I think owning a computer and being on the internet is about as modern as I care to be and I agree with you on texting. A total waste of time.

  3. I don’t buy a TV guide anymore but I still sit down in front of the television and watch my shows when they actually come on. Consider me old school in that way!

  4. I’ve done my share of binge watching lately but I do feel guilty about it, feel like I’m wasting a lot of hours just watching television.

  5. The point about the younger generation not conversing seems generally true–I have seen a lot of that face-to-face avoidance the last few years. And I’m guilty, like Madison, on binge watching. I’m way behind on finishing “The Sopranos” (for the third time), and any time I watch two or more episodes, I feel I should be using my time better.

  6. I watched “House of Cards,” the first season, all 13 shows, all 13 hours in one sitting. Time well spent.

  7. For someone who doesn’t own a television set, you sure seem to watch a lot of television.

  8. Read slowly, Brian. Larry watches shows on his computer. He has said that more than once.

  9. I don’t think you have watched season 2 of House of Cards, Erin. Believe me, you don’t want to be Zoe.

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