13 comments on “It’s Been Longer Than 15 Minutes

  1. I think Sarah is quite entertaining as long as you don’t take her seriously. I think the only ones who do these days is the Tea Party and they will have less and less influence in Washington as time goes by. I’ll enjoy the Sarah Show while it lasts.

  2. Whenever I’m forced to look at Sarah Palin, I pretend I’m looking at Tina Fey and it makes the looking a little bit easier.

  3. She’s an example of our low-IQ, fact-denying, “reality-tv” loving culture, and her fifteen minutes of infamy were up long ago. She has no real political impact and is nothing but a weak sideshow.

  4. The fact that she is going to have a web channel instead of being on a television network proves she has no real power or impact as Tuck has just stated. I wouldn’t have given her any space here at all.

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