7 comments on “When it Comes to Credit Cards, Wise Up

  1. I have been alive for 65 years without having a credit card. Don’t see a need to start having one now.

  2. I am very old school when it comes to credit cards. I have two of them that I seldom use. When I do and when the bill comes in the mail, I pay them off. Credit card companies will not make any money off of me!

  3. Like you I have learned from my mistakes. I only have a debit card now and I pay as I go. Makes life easier.

  4. Gus is like my Dad, who had only one gasoline card in his life and paid it in full every month. I have recently gotten all but two small cards paid off, and it is nice to be out from under that. I’m going to live the rest of my days debt free to credit cards.

  5. The older you get the smarter you get. Credit card companies don’t want you to pay in full every month — no money for them in that. Young people do need to wise up. If you are going to use those things, pay in full every time or better yet use cash instead of the plastic.

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