23 comments on “Little Bottles of Vodka

  1. He’s not interested in your name, he’s interested in what you can do for him. Freeloader.

  2. Ronald will have to wait until one o’clock today to buy his SUNDAY little bottles of vodka 🙂
    You are right not to open the door to buying it for him or giving him money.

  3. I know I don’t have to tell you this but to others reading this story – don’t EVER give money to someone who lives in your building because they know EXACTLY where you live and will come back for more.

  4. Oh yes. I love walking to that Walgreens and seeing those little bottles of vodka now empty and thrown on the sidewalk right next to a trash can.

  5. Gross will never admit it but he has given us yet another example of the screwed up world that is going on in Covington. Spend a week there one day.

  6. That’s right, Brian. People asking or begging for money is restricted to Covington and / or ANY OTHER PLACE IN THE WORLD.

    Take your blinders off.

  7. Larry’s people observations are spot on. In any neighborhood. I just thought the “do you know my name?” approach was brilliant.

  8. What’s the point of these little bottles? There isn’t enough in there to take you anyplace.

  9. I like the fact you didn’t tell Ronald your name. He is really approaching a stranger for money or whatever he wants. If he has any kind of common sense, he’ll realize this now.

  10. There are people like this all over, Brian, not just in Covington. I loved how you put him on the spot, Larry. Very classic in your response!

  11. Glad to read that you haven’t changed your stance on freeloaders/users.
    By the way, do you think Brian lives in some sort of perfect, palatial paradise where no homeless, no freeloaders, no heroin exists? Where would that be? It must be some fantasy neighborhood–it’s certainly not reality.

  12. You exposed your freeloading neighbor with three little words: “What’s my name?” He didn’t see it coming, didn’t know what hit him. Yeah. Like a lot of you, I love it too.

  13. Hmm, sounds like my exact experiences at the Arthur Apartments and Lasallette Gardens in the Nineties!

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