10 comments on “Remembering The Maisonette

  1. I never went there but I remember going downstairs to the restaurant right below it. They had the same owners I think. Good food there!

  2. LaNormandie was in the “basement.” Yes, Thersea, a nice place. I remember meeting one of their chefs, Jean Robert, post-Maisonette, at a fund-raiser dinner he supervised for Cincinnati State. It was wonderful and he was charming. Think he’s pretty civic-minded.

  3. My parents would go there sometimes but they never took me along. Maybe it didn’t have highchairs.

  4. I went there once and once was enough. When you say it was stuffy you sure got that right.

  5. Like you, I ate there only once, in the late 60s, with a girl I was crazy about and trying to impress. The food was good, the service, as you described, a bit too formal. The bill, even then, over a C-note for the two of us. It was one of the few times I wore a suit and tie to dinner, and the girl, apparently unimpressed, didn’t pay any more attention to me afterwards. I knew the maître d’, but it didn’t get me any discount–in fact, I remember tipping him extra. Live and learn…

  6. You’re right Jack Rabbit. In those days, it would have bought groceries for a month–today, not so much but still much more than we ate that evening. It was an out-of-my-league ritzy joint, but that’s why I still remember the experience so well.

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