9 comments on “Just Having a Little Fun in St. Mary’s Parking Lot

  1. That is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world and you should be inside it every Sunday!

  2. I will consider this a reminder to go to church on Sunday and go to St. Mary’s. It has been awhile since I have in that beautiful cathedral!

  3. A magnificent edifice. I have been to a few weddings there, and I used to go to teen dances at St. Mary’s canteen even though, as a non-Catholic, I wasn’t supposed to be allowed in. I had to memorize the “Hail Mary” because the priest at the door would require it of people he wasn’t familiar with. After I said it for a couple of weeks, I got in without the drill, and the dances were always fun, especially for a non-Catholic heathen like me.

  4. Hysterical, Tuck! St. Mary’s interior is worth a look-see, Larry. If the roof didn’t cave in after Tuck’s admission, I do not think the roof will cave in if you visit.

  5. Karen, Larry has been in St. Mary’s and wrote a post about it once and Tuck, that is a funny story!

  6. I constantly amazed at the total lack of a sense of humor in some people.

    Lighten up, folks!

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