15 comments on “Getting Soft on Kathie Lee

  1. That makes two of us, Gus. She’s more than willing to make a fool of herself every morning.

  2. I enjoy Kathie Lee and Hoda! They have a lot of fun together and it is not forced at all. A lot of the time they make my morning a little happier.

  3. I don’t regularly watch, but I enjoy the show. I think Kathie Lee has finally grown into her own “skin” and isn’t going overboard to people please. At least when I’ve watched, she pokes fun at her own foibles. I don’t agree with some of her opinions, but I like the chemistry between Kathie Lee and Hoda. They both seem to enjoy the humor of hosting a show with fluffy content..

  4. I also don’t get to watch on a regular basis but the chemistry between Kathie Lee and Hoda does work. My understanding is the fourth hour of “The Today Show” is not suffering the ratings loss that the first three hours are. Maybe NBC should take a hint from that. Chemistry matters.

  5. It must be nice to drink wine, get drunk and then get paid for it. And this is a news show?

  6. What do you think drove her to drink? Working with Regis or Frank Gifford’s cheating?

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