12 comments on “Random Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

  1. I always save my pennies. Pennies turn into dollars. Would people throw a dollar away?

  2. kill the woman, eat your egg, make your bed then prepare to go to jail not for eating your egg or making your bed but for killing the loudmouth neighbor

  3. Do these thoughts enter your head before, during or after your morning two cups of coffee? 🙂

  4. I also have a loudmouth neighbor who lives in my apartment building. Why do some people think that when they close their apartment door, they can scream and shout all they want? I’m thinking about tape recording him and then knock on his door and play the tape back and then ask him how he would like to hear that all the time.

  5. You should drown the loudmouth with the milk and hit her repeatedly with the green beans, you will get some exercise and the world will be a better place.

  6. . . . and always remember, Larry, that quad cane of yours can also be used as a weapon 😉

  7. Knock on that woman’s door and tell her you’re not paying rent every month to listen to her big mouth. If that doesn’t work, get your landlord involved.

  8. Jack Rabbit has the answer. Refrain from killing but not from politely expressing your feelings about her loudness invading your private space, and tell her you will let the landlord know if it continues.

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