10 comments on “April Fools’ Day

  1. HEY! #1 was my idea – and I don’t even get residuals for it! I thought that up years ago in college.

    Course, it didn’t work – the folks thought that the Oreo cookies just had a minty cream flavor.

  2. Let me screw around with an electrical outlet to pull an April’s fool joke. Yeah right.

  3. Too old for it now. People should not play tricks on older people.People around me know that.

  4. Since every other person in the world takes credit for that Oreo Cookie prank, count me in too.

  5. I usually pull a little quick joke or prank on my wife, nothing too terrifying. But many pranksters go too far today, sometimes injuring themselves or others or truly terrifying innocent people. It can, and does, go too far too many times.

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