8 comments on “My Mother and the Will to Live

  1. I am sure that you know that your mother loved you and because of that love she did not want to burden you with the issues in her life. That is how good parents are and that is how you are too.

  2. I have read this story three times: once through Facebook, yesterday in print (I visited Skyline for the first time in years and picked up City Beat), and today in email. The poignancy and sentiment grew with each reading. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I also read this yesterday and found a great deal of meaning in it. I read you online all the time but it was a pleasure to read you IN PRINT — in a real newspaper again. I wish they would print your words every week in the paper.

  4. I liked what Erin said. Your column is a reminder to never take another day for granted. I think I will call my mother too.

  5. Your mother was doing what most good parents do. She was putting you first instead of herself. She wanted you to live your life. Be proud of you mother!

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