12 comments on “Foods That Won’t Go Away

  1. Lol! Yes you should probably be “spicious” of a lot of things coming out a box. But it is good!

  2. I tried some of your casserole ideas with the Kraft Mac & Cheese and they worked out and tasted pretty good. Thank you for that!

  3. Hard for me to believe they still make Good & Plenty. Candy that tastes like medicine.

  4. I’ve never consumed several of these, and I don’t currently eat any of them, but when I was single, I did put away quite a few Swanson frozen dinners, the bachelor’s friend when he can’t afford to go out to a restaurant.

  5. Oh yes. The good old Swanson frozen dinner. I told myself when I started to make some real money, I would never eat them again and I haven’t.

  6. When it comes to Swanson T.V. Dinners, the box it comes in tastes better than that’s inside 🙂

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