18 comments on “Meet Edmond Aviv: Bully

  1. This isn’t the first case that I’ve heard of a judge making a bully wear a sign. I think this is very effective and probably better than jail time. The ASSHOLE is exposed to the world for what he is!

  2. Mr. Aviv is getting famous for all the wrong reasons and I couldn’t be more pleased.

  3. He should also have to serve jail time, and when the inmates find out why he’s there, he might find out what “unfair” really means as he recovers from an old fashioned jailhouse beating. What a weak punk he is…

  4. As I got to the end of the story readers can click above, it was good to see he WILL serve some jail time, and that’s great to read.

  5. I’ve finally come to terms with the bullying I experienced in childhood with the attitude of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” This heroic family, with their multitude of physical and mental problems, have no way to cope with such viciousness. I hope this man does not have a home to which to return when he is released from jail. He doesn’t deserve it.

  6. Reading Karen’s link is yet another reminder of how screwed up this country and our justice system is. We need to start taking our country back people!

  7. I think if and when I ever have a child, I will home school them. The world and our schools are dangerous and our school systems and their laws protect the buddies. I don’t think Karen’s link was making anything up.

  8. I was bullied as a child too. It seemed to carry on into adulthood as I always seem to work for petty, insecure people who need to be sucked up to for validation. I had to overcome it then and I have to overcome it now. It’s part of life. But it’s always good to see a bully (asshole) brought low. Very satisfying indeed.

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