12 comments on “Flipping Through Amy Hempel Stories

  1. I’ve never heard of Amy Hempel but that doesn’t mean anything. I read the story and enjoyed it.

  2. I got half way through the silly story and stopped reading. Clearly you don’t have much going on here today. Same for yesterday.

  3. Brian, I believe the idea here with this blog is to offer some variety. If that’s not the idea, then I’ve been an ass since 2008 when this blog started. Of course, I’m not an ass. Are you?

  4. And in an effort to get back to commenting about the actual blog posting, I found the Hempel story very interesting, quirky and funny.

  5. Etiquette lesson I learned from my mother: if someone offers you something, and you don’t like it or want it, you say “No, thank you.” For this blog entry (and others), which are offered to us freely and without rancor, I will say “I liked it.” And “Thank you for a nice read with my cup of coffee.” If I hadn’t liked it, I would tell you. But nicely.

  6. I liked what Karen had to say here. The older I get, the more I notice how manners go by the wayside especially when it comes to the internet. That’s why I seldom ever make a comment, don’t want to get ganged up on but this Brian person got my motor running and not in a good way. He is rude.

  7. All it takes is one bad apple to spoil it for the rest of us. Brian, change your name to Bad Apple.

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