11 comments on “Jan Howard Singing “My Son”

  1. There are some web sites I have stopped viewing because they have so many people on it making nasty, pointless comments. Over here we have this Brian person and that is it and he isn’t always that way so he isn’t disturbing me yet and I think if he starts to overboard Larry will block him. Let us keep it nice and friendly here. The way life should be!

  2. Not a big country fan but always thought Jan Howard was ok, and this is, too.
    As to the other topic, an old rock album, by the Talking Heads as I recall, is entitled “Sand in the Vaseline.” If life is mostly running smoothly, sometimes it gets boring. This blog is probably better when an occasional comment bothers somebody, whether it’s Brian’s or someone else’s. Everyone should be able to express their opinions, and, as Larry stated, you can either read them or not.

  3. Tuck is pretty much on point in regards to occasional comments made here that kind of stirs the pot. I suspect some of that may be done on purpose at times but one thing I’ve noticed here as far as the comments go is that there isn’t a lot of nasty words thrown back and forth. I like some give and take, but not that. It is mostly friendly batter here. Let’s keep it that way.

  4. I also want to echo the fact that the lack of nastiness here with the comments is appreciated. I enjoy the “adultness” here.

  5. Just now getting here so late in the day BUT I do want to say that I agree with many of you here that I appreciate the politeness and manners most commentors bring here. I try to be one of them.

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