8 comments on “My Judge Judy Morning Routine

  1. I don’t watch Judge Judy all that often but I did watch the clip you provided here and I can see why you would watch it more than one. I don’t always enjoy how Judy makes sport of some people but in this case, the defendant had it coming and Judy is right. Why would this woman want to go in front of 10 million people and make a fool of herself?!

  2. The judge on The People’s Court is much nicer that Judge Judy who is just a little too full of herself. She has even gotten worse in her old age. I wish they would bring back Judge Joe Brown.

  3. An Ebay scammer and a stupid one at that. She goes on national television and makes herself look like an idiot!

  4. I’ll watch Judge Judy sometimes if I’m home in the afternoon. I consider it educational as you do learn a lot about the law.

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