14 comments on “A Pillow Over my Head

  1. Oh yes. I would certainly report this to your landlord if it happens again. That behavior is not reasonable at all and you’re paying rent too.

  2. Let us know if your neighbor ever apologizes for his rude behavior. I want to think he will come to realize how wrong he is here. J.R. is right, “They” are everywhere!

  3. You yourself have stated in the past that it is so much easier to be nice to people than to be a dick, but once a dick, always a dick. You know what I’m saying.

  4. Your neighbor across the hall sounds like a self centered jackass. I wouldn’t wait to long to get your landlord involved if this kind of crap continues.

  5. Even with a house you can always get idiot neighbors next door. You got to stand your ground just like you did.

  6. I lived in a very nice apartment building in Hyde Park back around five years ago. It was a nice area, but most of my neighbors were assholes. Now I’m in Newport and my neighbors are mostly decent. Really when it comes to apartment living it is the luck of the draw.

  7. Next time you approach this asshole, have a tape recorder on you and record this dumbness. He is BEYOND a bad neighbor.

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