9 comments on “Where’s the Drive-In?

  1. What I remember most about going to the drive-in is fighting off mosquitos. I don’t miss that at all!

  2. Thersea and I are in agreement on this one. Give me an indoor movie theater any day.

  3. You can’t make out with a girl in a regular movie theater but you sure the hell can in a drive in!

  4. They used to be a lot of fun for a low price. The Twin had two screens, front and back, and showed anywhere from 6-8 movies every night. Kentucky had Dixie Gardens, right in back of my childhood home, and The Florence (guess where), both pretty good, too. The last one I went to was the Oakley on Madison Road many years ago when my kids were small. Took them to see “Batman,” with Jack Nicholson. They sat outside in lawn chairs and had a great time. I read somewhere last year that drive-ins were making somewhat of a comeback, but I don’t see it happening on a large scale.

  5. I equate sitting at a drive-in like sitting in traffic. Neither one is very enjoyable.

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