12 comments on “Cincinnati, Breakfast and Burritos

  1. Nice to go Sugar and Spice is still around. I’ll head over there this week!

  2. Sugar ‘n Spice has everything nice. I don’t really know. My parents go there.

  3. Reading this before I’ve had breakfast, I am resisting the urge to jump in my car and drive to one of these places. Yum.

  4. The Echo in Hype Park is the most overrated restaurant in the city. You pay a lot of money for small portions too.

  5. Hey, I’m going in favor of Cafe de Vino. Lived here all my life and never knew about it. The online menu is $ (inexpensive) and looks great. Thanks for the tip, Larry.

  6. If I was into breakfast, Sugar n’ Spice would get my vote. Never a boatclub.

  7. Has anyone tried White Castle’s new breakfast sandwich wrapped in a waffle? It’s not a burrito, but it also won’t cost seven to nine bucks.

  8. Tuck, That White Castle waffle sandwich is only available certain times of the year — kind of like the awful McRib from McDonald’s. The waffle thing is currently off the W.C. menu or so I think.

  9. When I even eat breakfast, which is rare, i’ m looking for cheap. I can’t taste any thing in the morning anyway. Give me a McDonalds, give me a Taco and most important, give me coffee.

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