7 comments on “Binge-Watching “Louie”

  1. Get around to watching last night’s shows as soon as you can. They’re excellent.

  2. When it comes to these new comics out there I consider myself very out of touch. If you think Louie is funny I will take your word for ti.

  3. I’ve watched “Louie” from the start, almost always using my dvr so I can get through an episode in 18-20 minutes with no commercials. Louie does a pretty good job of catching a lot of real life, especially when his little girls are involved. The show generally has more hits than misses, and he is certainly an original.

  4. I’m agreeing with you and also Tuck. I think “Louie” is a good show that as the seasons pass, is turning to a GREAT show.

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