9 comments on “My First Live Concert

  1. I think you and I might be around the same age Larry. I remember crossing the river and going over to Cincinnati to see Charlie Rich back when those hits were coming out. I liked him a bunch!

  2. It was many years ago now but I saw Tony Bennett in concert. He was so good. I think it was held at Music Hall but I don’t remember, just remember his beautiful voice 🙂

  3. I liked Charlie Rich before the country music thing came along. Check out is blues and jazz stuff.

  4. My mother took me to see Amy Grant when I was 9 or ten. I still listen to her.

  5. My first concert was the Dick Clark “Caravan of Stars,” featuring many varied acts, including Smokey and the Miracles, Jackie Wilson, The Shirelles, and “The 12-Year Old Genius,” Little Stevie Wonder. And I saw all of them and more for only a few bucks at The Taft Theater. Not a bad show, by any means…

  6. Either John Denver at Riverfront Coliseum ’79 or ’80, or Oak Ridge Boys opening for Kenny Rogers ’80 or ’81 same place (whenever the Elvira song hit big). First concert I wanted to go to, and went was Jethro Tull at Riverbend 1988.

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