8 comments on “Blogging and “Others”

  1. I have been reading here for a long time now and I never take it for granted. I admire people who can just about do this everyday.

  2. I agree with Digital Dave. The content here is usually decent. I wouldn’t change anything.

  3. This is a common sense spot on the web, and I hope it continues to be. The absence of mindless haters here is refreshing. It’s simply clear communication of ideas/opinions, and all viewpoints appear to be welcome.

  4. I agree with what Tuck had to say. I am thinking that maybe you filter out hateful comments. If that is the case, it is appreciated.

  5. Yes, Tuck is correct. On some other blogs, the negative, hate filled comments become a big distraction. Not here. Regardless as to how Gross keeps them out out here, I just want to say thank you.

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