12 comments on “The Games Jimmy Fallon Plays

  1. I agree there will never be another one like Carson. I don’t watch any of them anymore.

  2. Fallon seems to have a lot of energy on his show but that doesn’t always make it good and often times it isn’t. I attempted to watch him interview Jennifer Lawrence but it started off so bad, I had to switch over to Letterman. It was like watching two school kids talking.

  3. Sometimes I will go to You Tube and watch some of the old Dick Cavett shows. He was such a good interviewer and I bet you he still would be!

  4. I don’t watch any of the late night talk shows these days. I would rather watch movies.

  5. With his oncoming retirement, Letterman is still the best, but he’s coasting more and more. Kimmel is generally funny, but neither he nor Fallon will ever be close to Carson (or Cavett, who was an intellectual comedian).

  6. Tuck is right. Letterman is coasting a little now but after decades on television he is entitled. I’ll watch him until the end, then I think I will turn my television off.

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