8 comments on “Drinking at Starbucks

  1. You should try the Starbucks in Covington, Larry. The service is friendly and the coffee is very good!

  2. I’m not going to pay too much money for coffee that always tastes burnt.

  3. Some people have just too much time on their hands! Agree with Cathy about the nice people at the Covington location. I had a gift card and used it there a few times. However, the SB “roast” is not to my tastes either. I have read if you use cream/milk/sugar in your coffee, doesn’t matter what you drink anyway.

  4. Yes, you should at least try the Starbucks here in Covington as it is one of the more friendlier ones around. Bring your wallet with you.

  5. I was in a Starbucks one time only with my wife. She had something fancy, but I just had a regular coffee. It was ok, but the bill was a bit steep, and I decided to stick with my morning coffee at home. I’ve never gone back.

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