10 comments on “What I Remember about Andrew Gold

  1. He didn’t need to have anymore hit records. That song from the Golden Girls probably made him rich.

  2. If 1976 or 77 was the year this song came out then I believe you. All I know for sure is I remember hearing it CONSTANTLY on the radio to the point where it was almost too much!

  3. I remember this songwriter, and I think I had an album, “Black Rose,” by him. I always got him mixed up with another ’70s California singer/songwriter, J. D. Souther, who, I believe, is still alive. Souther wrote several strong tunes for the Eagles and Linda Ronstadt. Gold’s tune here sounds a bit like Warren Zevon, another good songwriter who died fairly young.

  4. Gold also sang the theme song for “Mad About You” but he didn’t write it.

  5. Hey Tim,
    Thanks. I said I always got them confused, but I remember that album as being quite good. I might have to find a used copy. J. D. Souther also put out a nice cd a couple of years back you should check out, “Natural History.” It’s excellent.

  6. I thought Andrew Gold was really good, maybe not all that commercial but he had a lot of talent. I’ve got all four of his albums. He’s missed.

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