11 comments on “Krogering

  1. Well Larry we are not in agreement on this one. I do NOT like chicken liver!

  2. Is this the cold chicken liver and is breaded and floured and already cooked? I get this sometimes and it’s not bad!

  3. Going into that Kroger’s on Madison is like going back in time. It is very 1980’s. It needs to be remodeled badly.

  4. Maybe the Kroger on Madison is a little bit country, RN, but it is not any different than other Kroger stores. All kinds of people walk through this life and you shouldn’t be judging others.

  5. I’m glad you go to a regular grocery store. I was beginning to think you did all your grocery shopping at Walgreens!

  6. I have shopped at a Remke’s market two minutes from my home for over 25 years and only occasionally go Krogering. They do have lower prices, but the stores are bigger, some newer ones too big for me. I like to make a list, stick closely to it, and get the hell out of the store in under twenty minutes, tops. Today I made it out in twelve. We all have to eat, but I hate spending time wandering huge, multi-aisled superstores. I recently read that Krogers rates 12th or 13th in the country in customer satisfaction. I was surprised because they are so numerous around here they almost have a monopoly. But, as John Mellencamp sings, “Ain’t that America?”

  7. When it comes to buying groceries, I follow the lower prices and that will usually lead me to a Kroger store. Never, ever to a Walgreen’s.

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