13 comments on “My Mandolin and I

  1. With Letterman retiring those Late Show t-shirts will become collector’s items. Hold on to it and don’t wear it much.

  2. Songs from Dueling Banjos to Don’t Fence Me in? At least you’re diverse!

  3. I’m going to assume bee is referring to Larry’s mandolin and not anything that’s on his body.

  4. I have a Rogue guitar I play every now and then and I don’t think I paid much more money than you did for your mandolin. For a cheap instrument they don’t sound half bad.

  5. I read your piece on Jethro Burns. He was a great mandolin player — much better than that silly cornball act he did with Homer.

  6. As music is one of the important joys of my life, I wish I had stuck with lessons I started as a kid. It would be nice to play for just my pleasure.
    Have you heard David Grisman? He’s done some great music with many people, including Jerry Garcia and Tony Rice.

  7. Tuck,

    Oh yes, David Grisman is a great mandolin player but my favorite will always be Jethro Burns. He even made the more complicated pieces look easy.

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