9 comments on “The GOP and Its Image

  1. The GOP has lost their way because of their alignment with the Teaparty who can’t stand to have a black man as president. That’s the long and short of it.

  2. To be honest, I wish you wouldn’t write about politics. So many other bloggers do and it stirs up a lot of hateful comments, something that doesn’t happen here very often and that’s refreshing.

  3. For a quicker summary of the GOP’s problems, check out this week’s City Beat. On page 13, Tom Tomorrow’s “Modern World” briefs readers on “The Anti-Party,” neatly outlining in eleven clever, and somewhat humorous, panels most of what is wrong on the right. At the root of it all is that they simply can’t stand having a black man as President.

  4. Like Spencer and Cathy, I don’t care for the political posts. I want this to be a peaceful blog.

  5. The trick is for the GOP to NOT take the rest of us down while they’re blowing themselves up. That’s the problem about crazy people with various kinds of weapons – they don’t just do themselves in – they tend to take everyone around them with them.

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