17 comments on “Dying House Plants down There at the Corner of Happy and Healthy

  1. I can see it now. You will be going into Walgreen’s every week to water those plants 🙂

  2. So people will buy their pills there when they can’t even keep a housplant alive?

  3. When are they going to fix the freezers in that place? I also was in there yesterday and in some of those freezers it looked like it was snowing!

  4. I go up a few blocks to the CVS on Madison. They took a stand and they no longer sell cigarettes and I like that. It is something Walgreens will NEVER do.

  5. You are right Parker. Walgreen’s will never stop selling cigarettes. Too much money there. They would sell heroine if they thought they could get away with it and there would be a big market for it there in Covington.

  6. JR, you can bet there are plenty of pushers outside of that Walgreen’s selling heroine. Used to be tobacco was Kentucky’s top crop. Now it is heroine.

  7. Brian, you don’t know what you are talking about. Yes there is heroine in Covington but that Walgreen’s is in too open of an area for drug pushers. Besides you don’t even live here.

  8. Well, Peaches, that freezer is almost laughable. It is like they are having a winter storm in the frozen food section!

  9. I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry at this story. I hate to assume the worse about people, so I’m going to tell myself those employees have never personally owned a houseplant which is why they thought it would survive without any support.
    I’m visiting this post from the yeah write weekly writing challenge.

  10. HA! It would be just like a corporation to dump a load of plants on a bunch of clueless employees. The employees probably looked at them and went, “I could buy that for .75 at Home Depot.” and decided they weren’t worth the waste of effort.

  11. This was such a sad story, and I was feeling pretty bad about the whole thing – until I read your final sentence in which you wrote, “I know. I’m not being realistic. It’s not like it’s a drug store or something.” Then I laughed so hard and so long that my little toy poodle started to bark at me as if she were saying, “What’s going on? Are you crazy or what, laughing at yourself?” That was a great way to end your story! Good job!

  12. Me too, I liked the ending! I do feel bad for the poor plants though. I can’t keep a plant alive, but at least I know that about myself and leave the plant care to my hubby 🙂

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