14 comments on “Mugshots and Concerts

  1. Beyonce is a beautiful singer and so is Justin Bieber but Beyonce has her act together while Bieber is going off the deep end. He needs some kind of wake up call before his story has a bad ending!

  2. I was there. Yep, Bieber’s pic was flashed. So was Jim Morrison’s, among others. Did not enjoy Jay-Z. I would have preferred all-Beyonce. She is quite the package, talented and unbelievably gorgeous.

  3. True “stars” rise to the occasion. Beyonce is a true star. Bieber isn’t.

  4. I think I would have gone to the concert if it was just Beyonce. I can take or leave Jay Z. I know one thing for sure. Jay Z would not be filling up seats in a ball park on his own. He knows that too.

  5. I have never understood what Jay-Z does. He’s not really a singer and seems to have no demonstrable talent except making money. I guess that’s a talent, though…

  6. The one talent Jay Z does have, apparently, is to attract beautiful women like Beyonce. Frankly, I don’t get it.

  7. She is very pretty and she sings well and I’m not really knocking her music but it is just not my bag at all. I’m still an old rock and roller.

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