9 comments on “Hearing Fireworks

  1. You are right. The next holiday will be Labor Day. Time passes by so quickly when you get older!

  2. I’ll be grilling out with the kids here in a little bit celebrating the 4th. God Bless America!!

  3. Jack Rabbit’s right–fireworks have become overrated because most people start a week early and go on for several days afterward. I like them on the days made for them, but that’s it. I find it hard to believe how much money all the various communities waste on them, but then maybe that’s why our taxes continue to climb…

  4. Like Jack Rabbit and Tuck, don’t much care for the fireworks. You got a bunch of drunk people messing with them today and people are going to get hurt. I think they should be outlawed. Let professionals do them.

  5. I like professional fireworks shows. Otherwise I think they should be banned altogether. Hate having to hear explosions night after night. Hate seeing poor dogs freak out over them. I had a dog who would shake uncontrollably. I had to constantly sit with him or he’d tear the house apart and hurt himself trying to hide under things.

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