11 comments on “25 Years of Seinfeld

  1. I didn’t know ANY of them, Larry. I feel so ashamed but now I’m educated!

  2. The first season was only four shows and the second season only thirteen. “Seinfeld” didn’t really turn into “Seinfeld” until season three.

  3. I’m pretty much a Seinfeld freak. I even remember which show that gif was taken from. Elaine was off the show for some weeks because in real life, Julia Louis Dreyfus had a baby. All that jumping around is her grand return to the show.

    Can you tell I just show this show?

  4. I know people who can watch reruns of this show over and over again. I’m not one of them. I always liked the show when it was on but enough is enough.

  5. Agreement. Best show ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER on television. I still watch every damn day.

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