13 comments on “Fish Sticks

  1. My kids always like fish sticks so I used to fix them for them. I think maybe I ate them once. They don’t even taste like fish.

  2. Like you, Larry, I have not had fish sticks in years. Unlike you, I am going to keep it that way!

  3. Fish sticks will do in a pinch but that’s about it. My kids always ate them too but they also ate hotdogs and junk food. Fish sticks fits right in there.

  4. We were the pnly Protestant family in the neighborhood but those mystery fish sticks and Mac ‘n cheese were Friday night staples!

  5. It is all relative. The “mystery fish” in fish sticks is still better than eating a hot dog.

  6. Nothing wrong with fish stick especially if they are served with mac and cheese. Tater Tots would also do!

  7. That brought back memories, but where I come from they are called fish fingers. ( as if fish had fingers!) Easy and quick and maybe not too unhealthy if you disregard the mercury levels. Enjoy reading your blog.


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