12 comments on “A Few Things I Don’t Remember

  1. Larry, your mind works in mysterious ways and that’s a good thing. You are always entertaining.

  2. There is nothing wrong with being odd, Gus. Being normal would be pretty boring!

  3. Jack Rabbit, I was once married to a woman I no longer remember. I’ve blacked her out completely.

  4. Back in the days when I drank a lot, I remembered very little and that is probably just as well. Know one want to remember shameful behavior.

  5. I do remember my last bad headache, which is why I no longer partake in some of my former favorite spirits, including tequila and scotch. I’ve become an almost exclusive beer drinker and try to control my intake much better than I did in my youth (most of the time). Like you, I try to lose all the negatives and things that just don’t matter anymore.

  6. Well, don’t get me started on tequila. I have learned to stay many miles away from it!

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