11 comments on “Here in Covington Kentucky, All the Signs Are There

  1. I love the Dollar Tree store! I go over to the one in Newport all the time and you can find some pretty good deals there. Having one in Covington will save me a little time. Looking forward to that opening!

  2. I’m not saying this in a negative way at all but Dollar Tree would be a good fit for that part of Covington. I am looking forward to the opening!

  3. You are right, Larry. Having a dollar store sure beats having an empty store front. Covington has enough of those.

  4. Downtown Covington has never been that upscale anyway. Doesn’t anyone remember the strip clubs that were lined up on Madison Avenue?

  5. You’re right, Brian, there were a number of strip clubs on Madison back in the day but the city forced most of them out and now there aren’t any on Madison at all. I think the Venus Club is still there but not many exist.

  6. If Covington is on the upswing, why are there still so many poor and homeless in the city? Take a look south of Fifth or Sixth street, and definitely south of 12th street for the sections of Covington that are NOT on the upswing.

  7. I think Covington still has a way to go. Remember it still has a serious drug use problem and women are still selling their bodies and the homeless situation is still too much but I no longer think it has hit rock bottom. It is on the way up. The signs of life are there.

  8. To liberainlovinit: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Tiny steps are better than no steps at all.

  9. The Cov has been on the upswing for several years, and I believe the upswing will accelerate and continue. Let’s hope so.

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